User friendly, organized and convenient are the main components of the latest features added to TLU Portal which are related to Invoices. 

View and access Invoices from Applications

Invoices that have been created will now appear in the Application section on the far-right column. If there is no Invoice number in this column, then an invoice has not yet been created. If there is an invoice number, simply click on the number to open that Invoice file. 

The Invoicing section displays information about each Invoice, such as the Invoice number, date, amount, status and who the submitting company is for that file. However, previously there was no column that indicated who the Invoice would be sent to (Sold To). This column is now displayed for a quick glance as to who the Invoice is sold to. 

Easily export Invoice data to a csv file to open in a spreadsheet format. The data that is exported includes the same fields that are displayed in the Invoicing table. Try it out and let us know if you have any questions!   Instructions:

  1. From the Invoicing section

  2. Filter invoices by Company Name or Status

  3. Select Actions

  4. Select Export Invoice List

  5. Open downloaded file

Note: Export may take a few minutes depending on the amount of data being downloaded. 

View Invoice data from Reports

Viewing Reports in TLU Portal can provide insight and an overview of your data. Now you can select a bar from the graph in the Invoices Report to display all the corresponding invoices. From here, you can then select an invoice to go into the file.  We are here to answer your questions on any of these Invoice updates. 

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