The Mining Association of Canada (MAC) is a national voice of the Canadian mining industry. The Association promotes the industry nationally and internationally and works with governments on policies affecting the mining sector.

MAC publishes various reports, guides, presentations and more on an annual basis that address a wide range of topics involving the mining industry. Check out their website a to find more useful resources.

A recent presentation from MAC on Approaches to Indigenous Community Engagement & COVID-19 assess various methods to continue engagement during the COVID-19 crisis. In this document MAC provides an overview of good practices being implemented in Canada and as they recognize "there is no one size that fits all" approach to the current health crisis and with Indigenous and community engagement.

Get the Approaches to Indigenous Community Engagement & COVID-19 document here

A summary of examples of how MAC members are continuing to engage are included that cover:

  • Communication with Communities

  • Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 to Indigenous Communities

  • Working with Communities During COVID-19

  • Partnering for Recovery

Additionally, there is information on recent activities about new Committee groups, website and further resources.

This document can be a resource for all parties involved with Indigenous engagement, including Proponents, Governments and Indigenous Communities as we work together to minimize the impacts caused from COVID-19.

Visit the Mining Association of Canada website to learn more.

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