Aseniwuche Winewak Nation of Canada

“We use the TLU Portal everyday to communicate with Industry about their proposed developments. The TLU Portal allows our Nation to effectively receive, review and respond to every disposition. This platform has allowed us to focus less on administration and more on our community." 

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"I have used the TLU Portal since the start in 2008.  I find the TLU Portal easy to work with for submitting applications, this portal is awesome!! I also like the notification of the status change of the application, this is a great tool. I would highly recommend this tool to any Industry company and Aboriginal community. "
"The online portal provides an easy to use, effective, reliable and efficient consultation tool for proponents to provide project notifications to First Nations and for First Nations to provide feedback to proponents. The portal allows proponents to track submissions and be notified when projects are under review or completed by a First Nation. It allows for a wide variety of files to be uploaded allowing proponents to tailor consultation packages to different First Nations.
For the above reasons I would encourage project proponents and Aboriginal communities alike to use the portal for consultation."

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Receive Notification Package from Proponent

The Portal platform is designed for your community. This includes a customized template that reflects the identity of your community, and provides your community’s review processes and contacts.

Proponents submits applications to your Portal. All content is uploaded electronically as part of the package, which includes shape-files, PDF’s, JPEG, GIF, Microsoft Word and Excel Files

Your community instantly receives the application and all the attached information, greatly increasing the ability to meet regulatory time lines allowed in applications.

Review with Your Community

Using your community’s own processes and protocols, the information in the application is reviewed. Steps in your community’s internal review process can be incorporated into the portal to allow for increased tracking and record keeping.

Respond Efficiently

Using the Portal, staff enters the results of the project review process for each application. Your community controls the type and amount of information that is shared with the proponent. 


The Portal maintains real-time status of applications and will classify applications depending on their status ie: processing, follow up, completed). All correspondence between proponents and community is tracked for easy record  management. 


Once finalized, the Portal can generates response letters to proponents. Once entered, proponents  instantly receive the results of the review. 


Response letters are customized to reflect your community’s concerns and suggested mitigation. The letters are designed to meet the requirements of the existing legislated requirements of consultation. Beyond site-specific concerns, response letters can include concerns about Aboriginal rights and cumulative effects.


Proponents submit the results to the appropriate regulator. If required, proponents follow up with community on applications requiring further consultation, such as site visits, further information, or other follow-up activities. 


Mitigation occurs if necessary.

Invoice proponents for each project directly from the platform. All your records in one location.