Developed in 2007 to support the growing demand for better communication, organization and accountability for Indigenous Consultation between Proponents, Aboriginal Communities and Government. TLU Portal serves First Nations, Métis and Aboriginal Communities to enhance communication, consultation processes and relationships. We work collaboratively with communities to promote positive consultation practices that support the needs of their communities, the wildlife and the land. 


TLU Portal is an online communication database that promotes transparency and knowledge sharing between Communities and Proponents as they navigate the consultation process.  


​TLU Portal provides tools and resources for Communities and Proponents to effectively engage in the consultation process. We pride ourselves in maintaining a reliable, sustainable and user-friendly system.


With a growing number of Proponents actively using TLU Portal to consult, getting started and engaged is an easy process. Our support team is here to help.


Our vision is to provide the most effective tool for Indigenous Consultation.

Our mission is to be a support for Aboriginal communities to enhance capacity, processes and resources through communication, innovation and technology. 


Our team is comprised of developers, technicians, coordinators and administrators with years of experience in community consultation.  We are here to provide assistance and support communities and proponents to apply best practices for consultation. 


We are a phone call or email away to get your community started on TLU Portal. We offer in person or online demonstrations of the platform. We offer training for staff and regular support. We will work with your Consultation department to get your team set up and operating with ease. We offer a low start-up cost and a monthly subscription based on usage. Contact us today to learn more. 



Our team is available by phone, text, email and video to provide training, support and assistance. Looking for additional services? Contact our team today to learn more about our services.



Developed for Communities and Proponents to enhance their networks. Showcase your Community or Business to build connections and promote your products and services. Ask our team for more details about the TLU Directory. 

Please contact:


Main Office

Tel: 1-833-494-6371


"The online portal provides an easy to use, effective, reliable and efficient consultation tool for proponents to provide project notifications to First Nations and for First Nations to provide feedback to proponents. The portal allows proponents to track submissions and be notified when projects are under review or completed by a First Nation. It allows for a wide variety of files to be uploaded allowing proponents to tailor consultation packages to different First Nations.


For the above reasons I would encourage project proponents and Aboriginal communities alike to use the portal for consultation."

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